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Junior Tablet - Real Android Tablet for Kids

Junior Tablet for Kids

Kid Computers is proud to introduce the first real line of KIDS TABLETS, the Kids Junior Tablet. The Junior Tablets come powered by Google's Android operating system. These kid tablets can do everything an ordinary Android tablet can do, but they affordable and packed full of child friendly features and games.

Our Kids Junior Tablets come loaded with the licensed Famigo sandbox for kids, which gives them easy access to their games without the frustration of accidently messing up the settings or accidently deleting their favorite apps. That saves parents a lot of headaches and frustration too. Besides also comming with lots of preloaded kids apps and features, new games and features can be added at any time via the Android Market.

So if you're looking for an inexpensive yet powerful Android TABLET FOR KIDS, then the Junior Kids Tablets will make the perfect gift this Holiday season. But don't wait too long, because we only have a limited stock and we can't guaranteed that they will last through Christmas!!

Junior Tablet - Best Tablets for Kids

Junior Tablet Models - Best Kids Tablet

Junior Tabler RL | Affordable Kids Tablet Junior Tablet CX | Best Tablet for Kids

Junior Tablet RL

The kids Junior Tablet RL comes powered with an Android OS and parental controls that allow children to enjoy a fun and safe tablet computer experience. The low price tag makes Junior Tablet RL the most affordable tablet for kids on the market. The Junior Tablet RL comes with a Resistive touch screen and stylus and is very light weight.

Junior Tablet CX

Junior Tablet CX gives your children a sleek and powerful tablet children can easily. It comes pre-loaded with educational games, entertaining apps, leaning games and the Famigo child friendly interface and parental lock. Guaranteed to keep your children busy learning for many hours. Comes with Capacitive Multi Touch Screen and Android 2.3!

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