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"Chester" Tiny One-Button Mouse (black)

"Chester" Tiny One-Button Mouse (black)


List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $19.00
Your Savings: $5.95
Manufacturer: Chester Creek Tech

"Chester" Tiny One-Button Mouse (black) Description:

Green one-button computer mouse

Young children can be confused about whether to use the right or left button on a mouse, and clicking on small objects, using drag-and-drop and click-and-move can be frustrating. A standard mouse doesn’t fit into small hands or the buttons are just too far apart. Welcome Chester, a tiny single-button mouse with no scroll wheel, that’s easy to control and made of rugged plastic for strength and durability.


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The Chester Tiny One Button Mouse compared to a normal sized mouse.
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Front view


Length: 3.38"
Width: 2.25"
Height: 1.25"
Tracking: 800 dpi
Type: Optical
Buttons: 1 button
Scroll Wheel: No
USB: Yes
PS/2: Yes, with adapter (included)
Wireless: No
Compatible OS: Windows: 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista / MAC OS: 10.1.5 and higher

Reviews (8)

Reviewer: Jeffry Jameson - Montana
"The One button Mouse is genius, pure genius. "
Reviewer: Adrian Johnson - Texas
This mouse works great for my kids. I have a child with fine motor delays and he is able to use this mouse much easier than the ones with a right and left click. It fits great into little hands and it works for both right and left handed children. I would highly recommend this product. It makes playing on the computer much easier for all my kids.
Reviewer: Lauren Fillipelli - New York
The kids who stay in my dare care love to click it. They no longer get the flash download page popping up because they clicked on a web game with the wrong button.
Reviewer: Jennie Green - Louisiana
This mouse is defiantly worth the cheese!!
Reviewer: James Tavis - Michigan
It is a lifesaver for my 3 y/o when he plays learning games; one button does away with all of the hassle caused by right clicking.
Reviewer: Charles Harding - New Jersey
"My 2 1/2 year old daughter got a educational computer game as a present and hardly used it because it was hard for her to use any of our mice. She would get distracted by the scroll wheel, or accidentally clicked the right-button, etc... I bought this mouse thinking it might help a little, but it was amazing how much difference it really made. I would highly recommend this to anyone teaching a 2+ year old how to use a computer."
Reviewer: Amber Oberg - Kentucky
It was so easy to plug in and it feels so good in my hands.
Reviewer: Kelly Brian - Florida
"Also can be used as a foot-pedal for a single-click action. I was experimenting in ways to reduce RSI / repetitive mouse motions. I found that using this mouse as a foot pedal for regular clicks is surprisingly easy to use, even for click-and-drag actions, and even while wearing shoes. Just put a sticky-note over the laser to avoid moving the cursor when you do it."
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