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Since 1999 Kid Computers has been providing computer and IT solutions for schools all over America. As a company we are constantly pushing ourselves to raise the bar in educational technology.

Over the last 13 years we have built a solid reputation as one the industry leaders in providing educational computer solutions for schools. We are registered members of the Microsoft® OEM System Builders Group and every computer we sale is built by an expert computer technician.

But still our mission here at Kid Computers is simple and hasn't changed since the day we started. That is mission to meet the computer needs for students of all ages, administrators and teachers. We stand strong in the belief that education is the key to success. We also believe that schools that focus on educating students in computer technology give them a significant advantage in life.

This is the reason we have assembled a line of state of the art computer learning systems that comply with today's constant changes in technology. Our educational systems come equipped with a dynamic array of learning software packages, which were created and developed by nationally recognized leaders in the educational software industry. Our learning software aims to challenge today's modern student by using educational games and tutorials. These desktops will entertain your students for hours while maintaining a fun and positive learning experience.

Every computer sold on Kid Computer is hand crafted by IT specialists to hold up today's busy classroom environments. These classroom computers use specially licensed software designed to promote education and learning for students of all ages. We provide special educational discounts like free shipping or even up to 50% discount on some school purchases. So if you are a teacher or school official then please feel free to contact us at 1-866-368-7624.

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Kids Education Station x24

Kids Education Station x24

Kids Education Station x24 Add To Cart

The Kids' Education Station Basic is an affordable child friendly All-in-one computer system that is both fun and educational. This computer is designed for young children eager to learn and play.

Kids Education Station x27

Kids Education Station x27

Kids Education Station x27 Add To Cart

The Advanced All-in-one is a kid friendly workstation computer designed for performance, with a large 27 inch touch screen display.

Kids Learning PC

Kids Learning PC

Kids Learning PC Add To Cart

The Kids Learning Station is widely used in schools, libraries, day-cares and homes all across America. It has been the #1 best selling educational desktop for over 5 years straight, and now it comes new and improved.

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