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Fix for the Adobe Flash EOL issue with Peanut Butter


On January 12, 2021 the Adobe Flash Player was deactivated on Windows 10 and possibly 7/8 operating systems via Windows automatic updates. We apologize for not realizing that this would affect the Peanut Butter Software used for children's kiosk mode we install on all our Kid Computers. It was our understanding this update was to affect the Flash Player as related to internet browsers and NOT system only applications.

There are a couple of fixes to get your Kid Computer back up and using the applications immediately. We are also doubling our effort to get a replacement for the Peanut Butter Software released.

Use either of these options to restore to make Peanut Butter operational again. We recommend option 1, but if you prefer the original look then you will need to use option #2.

Fix Option #1

This option sets the Peanut Butter Software to run without the flash component and is the best solution.

  • Start Peanut Butter Software
  • Enter Admin Settings by clicking CTRL+ALT+P and entering the Admin password, if you never set this the default is admin
  • A box will appear asking to Quit or open Settings, click Settings
  • Up at the top Right is a tab with a wrench and screwdriver (image step #1) click on that.
  • On the right side under where it says Options, click on Classic - Static desktop (image step #2)
  • Click Return to the Background
  • To ensure that the new settings get saved, once again click CTR+ALT+P and enter the admin password. This time when asked selected Quit. This will exit Peanut Butter will also ensure the settings are saved. Restart Peanut Butter or the PC.
  • Fix Adobe Flash Player for Peanut Butter Sofware

    Fix Option #2

    This option allows Peanut Butter Software to keep using the traditional flash background but requires changing the systems Date to BEFORE the Adobe Flash end of life date. This can cause issues with internet browsing, networking and updates. It is really only recommended for users that are not using any internet connectivity.

  • Exit out of Peanut Butter by clicking CTRL+ALT+P and entering the Admin password, if you have not changed it the default is admin
  • On the bottom left of the desktop where it has the magnifying glass and may say "Type here to search" type CHANGE DATE AND TIME
  • Select the option Change Date and Time and a settings window will appear.
  • Set the switch "Set time automatically" to Off
  • The button "Set the date and time manually" "Change" will be clickable now, click on it.
  • Change the dates year to 2019 and then click Change
  • Do not click Sync or turn back on Set Time automatically. The computer will believe it is the year 2019 and Adobe's Flash player should not be deactivated when you rerun Peanut Butter.