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Premium Education Station

best computer system for kids

Best Computer System for Kids

The Kid's Education Station Premium is the complete All-In-One PC package that includes everything that a parent or teacher could ever want in their child's computer.

This innovative all-in-one solution is a top of the line computer that has been mastered to provide children of all ages a wonderful and entertaining learning experience. Our Educational Computers are made to give children a safe and easy way to maneuver around Windows 7. They also include tons of educational software packages, and running them is as simple as touching the icon on the screen or clicking the mouse.

I'm not sure who enjoys using our computer more, my kids or me!

~Peggy. Austin, TX.~

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Take Learning To New Heights!

The Kid's Education Station Premium provides children with hours of non-stop entertainment and computer fun. The Touch Pro is not your average touch-screen computer for children; it's actually one of the fastest all-in-one computers on the market, and we made sure of it!

We have combined the power of an Intel i7 Processor with 8GB of DDR3 Ram, ATI Graphics, an advanced high-definition multi-touch screen with advanced 3D display technology and our award winning educational software to create this the Ultimate Educational Computer.

We've just receive our computer and I can't believe how amazing the screen looks! This PC has everything I was looking for in my kids computer and more.

~James. Venice, FL.~
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Sleek & Powerful Kids All-in-One PC

We are constantly pushing the bar in technology and looking for new ways that we can innovate our Kid Computers, and the new Kid's Education Station Premium proves this perfectly. This computer was designed with four main things in mind; speed, durability, longevity and craftsmanship. When you purchase the KKid's Education Station Premium, you can rest assure that the technology inside this amazing all-in-one learning machine will be something that your children can use for many years to come.

If you have any additional questions about the Kid's Education Station Premium, or any of our other Wonder Machines, then please don't hesitate to give us a call directly at (866)-368-7624.

Video of Kid Computer

This video demonstrates the child friendly sandbox installed with each system (software titles may vary.)

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