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Reseller Program for

Digital Dimensions Inc. reseller program is for individuals and small businesses. Contact schools, libraries, daycares in your local area who are interested in purchasing or upgrading computer labs for children.

Use our online website to find products and custom configuration options for customers for real time quotes.

To become a reseller download the following PDF contract form, fill it out and fax it back to 1-866-737-9859.

download formContract Agreement

download formReseller Form

Reseller Program for
  • Verified business owners may utilize the Business Reseller Program.
  • Computers sold through the Business Reseller Program are sold at a discount to the reseller company, who may resell the computer items for any price equal to or greater than the price listed by Digital Dimensions.
  • The Reseller Company is liable for all purchases through or by the reseller company.
  • The Reseller may resell any product carried by Digital Dimensions.
Individual Contract Reseller Program
  • Contracted Sellers Receive a $100 imbursement for each desktop system (With Software Pack) sold, and a $200 imbursement for each All-In-One Windows Computer System (With Software Pack) sold at MSRP.
  • Once five computers have been sold by a reseller, they will receive an all-in-one computer of their choice to familiarize them with the hardware and software used, and to demonstrate to potential customers, upon approval from Digital Dimensions.
  • With the exception of the Business Reseller Program, no money will pass through the hands of the reseller. All payments are made to Digital Dimensions, who, in turn, imburse the sellers according to the fee schedule. Also, the seller shall not, at any point in time, be required, advised, or allowed to spend their own money for any product or service offered by Digital Dimensions.
Seller Referral Program
  • If a seller refers another individual or business to the reseller program, then they will receive an imbursement for each computer sold by the referred individual.
  • Contracted Sellers will receive an imbursement for $100 for each computer sold by an individual or business they referred.
  • Imbursements will not be made through the Seller Referral Program for any accessories or products less than $799 (MSRP).

To apply for the Business Reseller Program, please call Digital Dimensions at 1-866-368-7624, or email Charles at

To Apply for the Individual Contract Reseller Program, please fill out the Digital Dimensions Independent Contractor Agreement and the DDI Reseller Form and submit either by emailing or faxing to 1-405-801-3622. Once your information has been received, you will be contacted with more information and a sales packet within 72 Hours. You can also submit the forms by mail send to: Digital Dimensions Inc., 3200 Broce Dr #110, Norman OK 73072.