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Holiday Free Kids Tablet Computer Give Away!


Kid Classmate Tablet Computer - The Best Portable Educational Tablets For Kids

The Kids Classmate is an Anytime Anywhere Netbook Tablet PC for Kids grade K through 12 students.

The Classmate is an all-purpose tablet netbook with touch screen technology and packed with advanced features to meet the needs of young users. The Kids Classmate features include 10.1" color display with a clamshell and tablet design. Kids can scrawl and draw just like they would with pen and paper as well as store their lifelong lessons and notes in the computer

*Netbooks do not include internal optical CD/DVD drives.

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Official Rules & Regulations:

Below are the rules and regulations for this Free Computer Tablet Holiday Giveaway. Do read it thoroughly, it details exactly what we require from you to except your submission. If there are some or any missed section, it can void your entire entry.


  • Follow "LIKE" our Facebook page. (Click Here)
  • Submissions must be 500 words or less.
  • Must include the intended recipient's Name, Phone Number, Address, and E-mail Address. If applicable.
  • Must include the Submitter's Phone Number and/or E-mail Address if the submitter is not the intended recipient.
  • Must be submitted using the form at or email to with "Holiday Computers" in the subject line
  • 1 free laptop (netbook) computers for every 1,000 submissions. Maximum of 3 free laptops (netbooks) computers for 3,000 submissions.
  • Employees of Kid Computers & its affiliates, as well as any members of their immediate family may not enter submissions under any circumstances.
  • The final day to send in a submission is December 15, 2011 (12-15-2011).
    • We will only accept one (1) submission per household, and the submission must state, in 500 words or less, how the intended recipient is in need of the donation of a holiday computer tablet pc.
    • Submissions should be honest. These are being read and judged by real people.
    • These kid computer tablets are being donated as a charity event. Kid Computers and its affiliates are in no accessories included with these computers.


  • Submissions will be judged by a panel of volunteers.
  • Final judging will take place on December 16th.
  • Recipients of the computer tablet donation will be notified on Monday, December 19th, and the classmate tablet computers will be shipped that same day via UPS grounds.

Fill Out & Submit The Story:

To enter the competition, please fill out this form below. You can fill it out for yourself or another family in need of a holiday gift.

Contest is over - We are currently reviewing submissions. No new submissions will be considered at this time.

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Privacy Disclaimer:

Kid considers your privacy the most important part of this competition. We will and do not release any of the submitted information to third (3rd) party businesses. Sometime after the competitions deadline, we will contact the submitter. Informing them that their submission was chosen as the winner. Kid would also like to know if you would like to be acknowledge via holiday card, along with the computer tablet to the privilege family. If not, Kid Computers will contact the privilege family and notify them of their winning from an anonymous submitter. If there are any questions about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact by phone or email.

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