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Kid's Learning Station

Intel Computer for Kids

Computers for Schools & Libraries

The Kids Learning Station is widely used in schools, libraries, day-cares and homes all across America. It has been the #1 best selling educational desktop for over 5 years straight, and now it comes new and improved.

This innovative slim-line educational PC that has been perfect to give children of all ages a wonderful and entertaining learning experience. This computer is perfect for schools, day-cares and libraries because it's durable touch screen technology incorporates that latest Intel hardware. The Kid Computers line of slim desktops for schools also include our user-friendly Peanut Butter application which provides a maintainable and safe Windows 7 environment for children.

I ordered two of your Slim computers for my classroom and have been delighted with their performance. They make my job easier and the kids love learning on them.

~Olivia. Wichita, KS.~

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kids slim computer

Configurable Kid's Computer

The Kids Learning Station is small stature, but what it's lacks in size it makes up for in power! This computer can be expanded to include some of the same hardware that our Desktop comes with, except this version is smaller. By including the latest high-end technology into a smaller case design, we were able to create a computer solution that is ideal for any computer lab environment.

This innovative PC has a comes in a wide array of configurations. We allow you to decide which computer build is the best fit for your budget. Everything from the Processor to the amount of hard drive space can be totally customized to your specific needs.

Our library purchased three Slim computers for our children's section and we are very pleased with its performance.

~Hilary. Orange, CA.~
Kids Learning Station

Learning Applications & Games

The Kids Learning Station comes packed with Windows 7, our kid-friendly Peanut Butter OS and tons of other fun applications and games for children. This system helps parents and teachers feel comfortable in knowing that their children are always safe when using the computers. Our software takes an innovative approach to learning by providing children with a fun way to expand their critical thinking techniques.

The confidence we have in our learning systems here at Kid Computers is unmatched. We are so confident that your children will love our computers that we offer free lifetime support on every PC we sell.

If you want to learn more about the Kids Learning Station and how it will fit in your educational center, the please don't hesitate to give us a call at (866)-368-7624. One of trained sales staff will gladly walk you through the whole configuration process and help you determine which computer is right for you.

Video of Kid Computers Desktop

This video is a demonstration of the child friendly desktop system.

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